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About Us

Educate & Inspire

Can TikTok Help Save The Planet? We Think So. That's Why EcoTok Collective Exists.

EcoTok is a collective of environmental educators and activists who use TikTok as a platform for good. We celebrate diversity both in our identities and in our approaches to climate action. Among our ranks, you’ll find scientists, students, activists, environmental educators, and civil servants. Our mission is one of education and inspiration, and we hope we live up to it each and every day.

We came together in summer 2020 to start the next generation of education and activism after our founders Abbie Richards, Alaina Wood, Alex Silva, and Sabrina Pare came up with the idea and brought us all together (in the form of an Instagram group message, in true Gen Z fashion). We decided on the name EcoTok, and on July 21st we made EcoTok Collective a reality and posted our first video.

Since July 2020 we have doubled our influence from 9 creators to 18, and we hope to continue to grow in the future.

What We Believe

In our experience with climate change education and activism, we've found certain ideas to be essential to our collective understanding and goals.

1. Climate solutions already exist. In our fight against doomism, we've noticed that many people believe the planet is beyond repair because there isn't accessible education surrounding existing climate solutions and climate wins. When youth have access to hopeful narratives, they're empowered to feel a sense of agency about their communities' futures. Love, hope, and optimism are radical choices.

2. Climate change is an intersectional issue. Environmental justice is a top priority for EcoTok Collective. When we see the intersections of race, gender, class, and disability, we see a more accurate picture of the climate emergency. While many feel that climate change is an impending issue of the future, marginalized groups are (and have been) experiencing devastating effects. We believe in uplifting the voices of climate activists of color, indigenous activists who have been living sustainably for centuries, working class activists, etc.

3. Individuals can make a difference. Though none of our members live a perfectly sustainable lifestyle (nor do we expect that of our supporters), we recognize that our lifestyles changes can count towards repairing our planet. Yes, "no ethical consumption under capitalism" is a helpful phrase to understand the nuance of imperfect living, but we also live in a world with a spectrum of ethical choices. Individuals have the powers of conscious consumption, community organizing, local political involvement, and social advocacy.

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