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 Community Organizing and Event Planning


With our event planning expertise, we can turn your vision into reality, crafting seamless and memorable gatherings tailored to your needs. Beyond event planning, our commitment to community engagement is unwavering. We specialize in creating initiatives that foster connectivity and inclusivity, strengthening the bonds within communities. Additionally, our dedication extends to mutual aid efforts, where we actively engage in projects aimed at providing vital support to marginalized communities. Our multifaceted approach ensures that we not only bring people together but also actively contribute to positive change.


  • Trash clean-ups

  • Clothing Swaps

  • Eco Concerts

  • Eco Retreats

  • Community Dinners

  • Mutual Aid Initiatives

Past events:

At South by Southwest 2023, EcoTok Collective hosted an Eco-Bash event in collaboration with other organizations and brands. Our goal was to foster community in the climate space, support local businesses and musicians, and most importantly to raise funds for our Free Fridge Activation. 

With the money raised by our Austin Eco-Bash, we were able to fill six free community pantries and four free community fridges. Mutual aid is of utmost importance to our collective, and we hope to be able to continue to center it in our work. 

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