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Gabrielle Langhorn

EcoTok Member Since 2022

About Gabrielle: Gabrielle is an Athens-based creator with content focused on using sustainable swaps as a gateway into learning more about human rights issues, environmental justice, and climate change. Outside of social media, Gabrielle has a Bachelor's Degree in Biology with a minor in Environmental Science and is currently working on a PhD in Integrative Conservation and Anthropology at the University of Georgia. Her research is focused on human-nature relationships in agricultural communities in the semi-arid region of Ceará, Northeast Brazil. She is also working with the Army Corp of Engineers and an integrative team of researchers on equitable installation of natural infrastructure/nature based solutions. 

Gabrielle's "Underrated Eco Priority:" Valuing imperfection, kindness, and positivity alongside education in climate change communication.

Where to Contact Gabrielle:

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